Schaffer&Combs Client BUILD Working to Rewrite the Conventional Property Development Story

Market Place development

S&C’s work with BUILD has evolved from a single Executive Search project in 2015, to an ongoing partnership with this cutting edge development firm and its related organizations. BUILD’s creative, collaborative approach to urban placemaking combines design and building expertise with input from local partners on what a neighborhood requires in order to create beneficial, beautiful, sustainable, shared spaces.

BUILD’s growth from 2004 to 2016 includes the creation of permanent Below Market Rate Housing units, new public green spaces, retail, restaurant and work spaces, a non-profit arm (BUILD Public), support to the creation of first-of-a-kind Green Benefit District, and public art, all of which have allowed BUILD to take their place as one of the Bay Area’s premier urban multifamily developers.

BUILD’s innovative approach to urban growth is reflected in the number of successful developments the company has brought to fruition. Linden Alley is a salient example of a business friendly space that is a delight to spend time in even as it hosts a number of thriving, job-creating businesses, Blue Bottle Coffee among them.

Current projects, including One Oak and India Basin, will provide long needed housing units to San Francisco. India Basin will also sustainably transform a long neglected stretch of San Francisco’s waterfront, activating it for residents and businesses both.


S&C is proud to have worked with BUILD to expand their staff over the last 6 months, and are pleased to announce that we are currently engaged with BUILD’s related organizations on two additional searches.

BUILD PUBLIC seeks a Program Manager, and the San Francisco Dogpatch and Potrero Hill Green Benefits District seeks its first Executive Director.

If you are interested in joining teams that are making a positive impact on the lives of San Franciscans, please review the BUILD PUBLIC and San Francisco Dogpatch and Potrero Hill Green Benefits District job descriptions for more information.



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