A Brief Overview

At Schaffer&Combs, we take a holistic approach to understanding your organization so we can offer the best solutions for you to achieve your mission. We study your objectives, pain-points, ecosystem, and team, and provide the experience and support you need to strengthen all facets of your organization—redesigning structure and culture, developing practical strategic plans, identifying and cultivating exceptional talent, and operationalizing new practices and processes—all with the goal of creating lasting social impact in your issue space.

Explore our four service areas that can work independently or hand-in-hand, creating the change your organization needs to work smarter.

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Organizational Design, Board Development, and Performance Culture touch every aspect of your business. When all are optimized, your organization thrives. Explore our Structure Services to ensure your organization is set up for success and create as much change as possible.
Optimize Your Structure


Our Strategy Services can bring an extra layer of objectivity and insight to your team that pave the way for long-term success. Focusing on Strategic Planning, Business Growth, and Programs Design, our team ensures your organization has what you need to thrive.
Explore Strategic Offerings
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While we're proud to maintain an industry-leading success rate for our Executive Search capacity, our Talent Services extend beyond search. Our Leadership Coaching and Team Management Services ensure the investment you make in building your team pays dividends in the long run.
Find + Grow Top Talent


Through our Operations Services, we can take a step back and focus on the big picture, ensuring your team is set up for success. We offer Tactical Roadmaps, Change Management, and Evaluation & Learning to solve for issues ranging from branding to income streams.
Evaluate Your Big Picture
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