Schaffer&Combs is a full-service organizational consultancy that helps purpose-driven companies and nonprofits accelerate their positive social and environmental impact— by working collaboratively to effect change from the inside out.

We take a holistic approach to understanding your objectives, pain-points, ecosystem, and team, and provide the experience and support you need to strengthen all facets of your organization. From redesigning structure and culture or developing practical strategic plans, to identifying and cultivating exceptional talent, and operationalizing new practices and processes, we operate with the goal of more effectively, and efficiently, achieving your mission.

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What do we mean by “purpose-driven organizations?”

We believe that all nonprofits, businesses, and public agencies can play a critical role in shaping our world for the better—essentially, that all organizations, regardless of sector, have the ability to work toward a greater good, beyond simply delivering the tangible product or service they provide. However, just because all organizations have the ability, doesn’t mean they’re ready to do the work.

The purpose-driven organizations we partner with have both the mission and determination to create long-term change, and are committed to driving sustainable, positive impact in the areas of social justice, equity, and environmental sustainability.

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You can't create progress without incredible people

Every member of our team is here for a reason: they know that the most effective way to strengthen business performance, AND drive purposeful social and environmental impact, is by improving organizations from the inside out. Their diverse professional backgrounds and experiences help our clients uncover hidden insights and opportunities to grow, while their individual dedication ensures that every project is built on a solid foundation of trust, honesty, and collaboration.

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Our clients are our partners

Just as there’s no definitive rulebook for what types of organizations can create social and environmental impact, there are no definitive guidelines dictating the types of clients we work with, either. Our only criteria is that you’re committed to putting in the effort to help create a more equitable, sustainable future for everyone.

Whether you’ve already started down the path toward making a positive impact in the world around you, are looking to create more ethical and humane internal structures and policies within your own teams, or are taking the first brave step toward defining your purpose, we’d love to work with you.

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Schaffer&Combs is proud to use business as a force for good, and is a certified B Corporation.

Schaffer&Combs scored higher in the B Corp Assessment than other organizations of the same size and the national average overall in each category, with exceptionally high scores in the categories of Workers and Customers.

Overall B Impact Score


  • Customers
    • 30.9
  • Community
    • 22.5
  • Governance
    • 15.6
  • Environment
    • 9.9
  • Workers
    • 29.4

The B Corp Assessment is scored out of 200 possible points. The Assessment comprehensively covers the impact of a  business on all of its stakeholders., including its workers, suppliers, community and the enviornment. The assessment also captures best practices regarding mission, measurement and the governance. The last, heavily weighted portion of the Assessment identifies the company’s specific “Impact Business Models,” which include the targeted, formal focus on benefiting a particular stakeholder through product and services or internal practices.

The highest scores achieved that are also verified by B Lab typically vary from year to year but are generally between 160-170 points. Most companies score between 40 and 100 points out of the 200 points available. Any score higher than 0 is a good score, as a positive score indicates that the company is doing something positive for society and the environment. The assessment rewards practices that go beyound standard business practice; therefore, every point earned on the Assessment reflects incremental, positive impact.