Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

The cascade goes like this: strategy > tactics > logistics > accountabilities.

Smart tactical planning helps ensure that your investment in a Strategic Plan is not wasted. It turns fine words into daily actions. It minimizes circular conversations. It helps you succeed.


  • Strategic plan is an expensive dust-catcher
  • Staff is overstretched, underutilized, or both
  • Lack of accountability among staff
  • No clear timeline for achieving stated goals
  • Lack of planning around contingent relationships between various strategies and tactics



Simply put, a tactical plan (sometimes called an implementation plan) helps to put a Strategic Plan into action. The plan identifies the tactic, the deadline, the logistics, the contingencies, and the accountabilities, and gives an organization the best possible chance to achieve its goals.

S&C’s tactical planning approach helps you succeed because it is based on technical proficiency, customized to your organization’s Strategic Plan and cognizant of current internal capacity.