Schaffer&Combs is a purpose driven organization. We exist to serve other purpose driven organizations.

We chose the word purpose, rather than mission or impact,  because it seemed to us to have the broadest application, and we apply it broadly. We do not discriminate among nonprofits, businesses, or public agencies. We focus on applying the right resources to the right mission, because all sectors are necessary to help shape the civilization we want to live in.

But without clear definition, purpose is merely a buzzword. For us, purpose denotes:

- An effort to advance positive social impact, with a particular focus on equity and essential fairness in human endeavors, and the relationships that drive them.

- An effort to advance positive environmental impact, with a focus on sustainability and safety.

- An effort to mitigate unnecessary suffering. We know that some misery and misfortune is unavoidable. We focus on the avoidable: suffering caused by ignorance, fear, or incapacity.

Because we are incurable consultants, we captured what could have been a long narrative in a table. We offer it as an evolving sensibility, rather than a set of rules, and invite your comment.