The Original Business Idea: It Still Sustains Schaffer&Combs

Schaffer&Combs started in 2008 as an unusual meeting of minds. Nearly three months of intense conversation produced a fundamental business theory that has served our clients and our firm since.

The kernel of S&C’s original business idea was this: the keys to success for corporations, nonprofits and government agencies are not as different as most people think. The same fundamentals of culture, strategy, execution, and performance management apply equally in all of these sectors. Nonprofits need good strategy, operational business discipline, and internal accountability as much as the corporate sector does. Corporations interested in social or environmental responsibility require more rigorous ways of identifying, measuring, and communicating social and environmental changes that result from their work.

It is an ingrained trait of this company and everyone in it to pursue improvement, in every engagement, in every process, every day. The professionals improve. The products improve. But we take a great deal of pride in the fact that our core founding idea has proved both robust and durable.