Michele Messina

Michele Messina was a Director at S&C for nearly two years, during which time he led an intensive engagement with our client, UNICEF, to design that UN agency’s emergency preparedness global planning and monitoring platform. Michele did such excellent work that they offered him a job. Today Michele leads the development of UNICEF’s emergency preparedness systems and procedures and coordinates efforts to enhance UNICEF’s readiness to respond to humanitarian crises globally.

Harris Bostic II

Harris Bostic served as a Director at S&C, having come from the Peace Corps, American Red Cross, and the Clinton Foundation. Today, Harris is a Senior Philanthropic Advisor at the Tides Foundation.

Emilie St-Hilaire

After her Fellowship at S&C, Emilie St-Hilaire became an Associate Consultant at Bain & Co.

Joanna Dillon

Joanna Dillon used her Fellowship experience to help secure a position on Vodafone’s elite innovation unit in Silicon Valley.

Crystal Brown

Former Director Crystal Brown, having co-founded Educate our State, was between startups when we were fortunate enough to work with her. Today, she is CEO of a growing start-up, Healthiest.

Nishant Bagadia

Former Director at Schaffer&Combs, Nishant Bagadia is today Director, Strategic Alliances and Business Development at SalesForce.