Meaning and Work: A Series

Woman working on computer in coffee shop

We are the most fortunate people we know.


We get to work with people who are not merely dreamers and talkers, but are actually making our planet more peaceful, prosperous, and just.  


Study after study reveals that meaning is almost as important as money for a surprisingly large number of people. But there does not seem a shared sense of where meaning in work is located, or how to find it, make it, and keep it.  We have found meaning in our work, and the road was neither straight nor downhill. We fought for the meaning we found and made. We paid for it personally and financially. And now that we have it, we are deeply curious about how others are, and are not, finding meaning. So we decided to ask people.


Do you have to work for an animal rescue charity? Can you find meaning at a for profit company? What about working with your hands? How much do you have to sacrifice? Can you have it all— meaning and security? These are just a few of the questions we are seeking real answers to.


Some of the people we are asking are clients, some are not. We are asking far and wide around the world. Over coffee, cocktails, Skype, phones, and even on paper. Eventually we will compile and share what we’ve learned. We are deeply curious ourselves, but also hope to offer some patterns and and insights to people who in their careers are seeking, making, and striving to keep, tangible meaning.


In the meantime, we will share, in a series of micro blog posts, the meaning stories of some of the most accomplished and interesting people we know.


We begin with Alex Tourk


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