Organizational Design

A good organizational design...

...aligns talent, capacity, and expertise with organizational and program strategies. It helps to promote positive workplaces and enables achievement of vision. This is easy to explain but hard to do.


  • Inefficient use of human capital
  • Poor quality products and services
  • Poor morale through misuse of talent and/or burnout



As with any engagement, S&C begins an organizational design process with deep incisive research into your goals and strategies, human capital, leadership styles, resources, brand, and culture. Once we have a solid understanding of all the moving parts, we create an efficient design that ensures that the right people are assigned to precisely the right tasks and have the time they need to succeed on behalf of your organization.

Flowing directly from organizational strategy, program strategy and execution is where you interact directly with your stakeholders and customers, and where you make the change you seek in the world. This process involves allocating critical resources effectively, and aligning staff expectations around how to most effectively achieve desired objectives. Using the S&C Strategic Planning framework, S&C can support your organization in designing and implementing strong program strategies that help you achieve the change you seek.