Impact Evaluation & Case-Making

Impact management has two major components: measurement and response.

First, you must measure, with as much precision as possible, the financial and non-financial results of your investments of time, treasure and talent. Whether you are managing a nonprofit or a Fortune 500 CSR program, only once you measure, can you execute precise strategies and report honestly to your investors or donors.


  • Insufficient revenues
  • Poor case making
  • Inefficient program strategy, organizational design and use of resources
  • Inability to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Lack of internal cultural cohesion around goals
  • Ineffective brand management



A vast number of otherwise sophisticated organizations measure their non-financial outcomes through estimation and communicate them via anecdote. As a consequence, they are unable to express their value proposition, and they leave money on the table.
S&C helps organizations to identify, with precision, their intended outcomes and impacts – both financial and non-financial. We devise affordable, simple, practicable solutions to measure these crucial outcomes and to communicate them both internally and externally.