Board Development & Best Practices

Strong boards operate at precisely the right altitude...

...helping set strategies, acting as governors and fiduciaries, and allowing management to execute. Board Development engagements also help to ensure the right talent is in the room, and that internal board processes are efficient and healthy.


  • Lack of internal cohesion at the board level
  • Lack of board awareness about their proper roles
  • Stress among management and board members

  SCHAFFER&COMBS PRACTICE There are very few high-functioning Boards of Directors working in the mission-driven sector. Once they’ve gone through S&C’s comprehensive Board Development services, however, a Board of Directors will possess the key attributes of a high functioning governance and fiduciary body:

  • Internal alignment and cohesion around their roles and their organization’s strategic goals
  • Understand their roles precisely and discharge their responsibilities in greater harmony with their CEO or Executive Director
  • Be able to help measure performance against strategic goals
  • Enjoy a healthy internal balance and diversity among talents, expertise, and background

In short, the Board of Directors will become an enhancement to their organization’s mission, and ultimately to the lives of crucial stakeholders.