Overview of Operations Services

Through our Tactical Roadmaps, Change Management, and Evaluation & Learning, we can take a step back and focus on the big picture, ensuring your team is set up for success.

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Tactical Roadmaps

The roadmap for any organization goes as follows: Strategy leads to tactics, which leads to logistics, and culminates with accountabilities.

Smart tactical planning helps ensure that your investment in a Strategic Plan is not wasted. It turns words into daily actions, minimizing circular conversations, and helps you succeed in accomplishing your mission.

Solves for:

  • When your strategic plan is an expensive dust-catcher
  • If staff is overstretched, underutilized, or both
  • Lack of accountability among staff
  • No clear timeline for achieving stated goals
  • Lack of planning around contingent relationships between various strategies and tactics

Simply put, a tactical roadmap, or implementation plan, helps to put a strategy into action. The roadmap identifies the tactic, the deadline, the logistics, the contingencies, and the accountabilities, giving an organization the best possible chance to achieve its goals.

S&C’s tactical roadmap approach helps you succeed because it is based on technical proficiency, customized to your organization’s Strategic Plan and program design, and is cognizant of current internal capacity.

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Change Management

Our change management practice is most often applied in two settings: strategy and leadership placements. In the former, we stay on with an organization to help socialize a strategic plan and implement it. In the latter, we create succession planning frameworks, communications, and documentation to help ensure a successful tenure for incoming leadership. However, our change management practice informs everything we do, in every context.

Solves for:

  • Consistent communication throughout the process, allowing the plan to evolve with the input of key individuals
  • Adaptability with additional knowledge
  • All voices are heard and bought in on the strategic approach presented

Change management is about having, socializing, implementing, and iterating a plan. And while there is no single template for change management, S&C takes the same approach by carefully listening, and adapting as needed.

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Evaluation & Learning

Impact management has two simple components: measurement and response.

To fully understand the impact of your work, it’s important to understand both the financial, and non-financial, results of your efforts and investment. Using rigorous processes and a holistic approach, we’ll uncover key insights about your performance, giving you the data to develop and execute precise strategies in the future, and report honestly to your investors or donors.

Solves for:

  • Insufficient revenue
  • Poor case making
  • Inefficient program strategy, organizational design and use of resources
  • Inability to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Lack of internal cultural cohesion around goals
  • Ineffective brand management

A vast number of otherwise sophisticated organizations measure their non-financial outcomes through estimation and communicate them through anecdote. As a consequence, they are unable to express their value proposition in sound terms, and they leave money on the table.

S&C helps organizations to precisely identify their intended outcomes and impacts – both financial and non-financial. We devise affordable, simple solutions to measure these crucial outcomes and to communicate them both internally and externally with stakeholders.

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