Watch: “Many people know how to make more money, but few know how to make money more”

TEDx: “Impact Investing: Making Money More” by Gino Dante Borges, Ph.D.



In his recent TEDx Talk, Gino Borges discusses his personal quest with money and how it can (and should) be synced with personal values. He poses a question that he wishes every investor would ask:

How can I make more money, and, at the same time, make my money more – more impactful, more responsible, more disruptive and more transformative?

About Gino:

Longtime friend of the firm, Gino Borges is a Partner and Director of Impact at OpenPath Investments.  Working his way through a multitude of experiences, from a California dairy farm to earning a Ph.D. in Communications, to working in real estate investment, his experience has most recently brought him to impact investing. Gino is passionate about finding ways to invest money in ways that promote the health of individuals and the planet.

About OpenPath:

OpenPath Investments provides socially responsible investment opportunities in the residential real estate industry. The core program, Urban Village, offers a holistic approach to property management that encourages residents to function as a traditional community, which improves residents’ quality of life and their social capital. The program incorporates a number of sustainable and community building practices in the properties, like community gardens, cooking classes, and childcare, seeking a triple-bottom line in all investments.

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