Strategic Planning Framework

Strategic Planning Framework infographic


Bringing Clarity and Practicality to Strategic Planning

The concept of Strategy can instill fear and confusion for organizations in need of clear solutions.  On one hand, Strategy can be mysterious and conflated with “vision,” and on the other, the outputs of a strategic process are often impractical–many a voluminous strategic plan finds its way to the filing cabinet drawer, never to be read again.

Over the years, and through many engagements, Schaffer&Combs (“S&C”) has worked hard to hone an approach to strategy that brings clarity and practicality to the act of planning. Simply put, we work with our clients to develop Strategic Plans that enjoy broad support across internal stakeholders, and that may be directly operationalized and clearly monitored for performance over time.

We help our clients with the daunting task of coordinating and sequencing all the important inputs to the strategic planning process, and getting past this roadblock yields confidence to make the decisions necessary for growth.

Planning is about making decisions, and it can be the hardest thing an organization faces, to the point that procrastination can infect the C-suite and the board room.

While we pride ourselves on the ability to adapt our strategy practice to the unique dynamics at play across our diverse client base, there are important, consistent attributes of a great planning process, which together comprise a framework.

The framework… works.   When we ask for feedback from our clients, the most common comments are along the lines of “you removed a lot of our team’s anxiety,” and “we’ve never done something that was so straightforward and easy to understand.”