Arthur Combs, PhD

Arthur Combs, PhD, began his career as a commodities broker and earned a doctorate from the London School of Economics. He has worked in economic development and global health since 1984. He returned to his native Bay Area in 1996 and has worked with impact driven companies, philanthropies, and nonprofits since. A seasoned corporate leader, Arthur served from 1998 – 2003 as CEO of Source Healthcare Systems, a California-based application service provider. He has led two nonprofit organizations and a family foundation as Executive Director, and has decades of collective board service. Consultants work in mere supporting roles, but in his career, Arthur is grateful to have had the privilege of helping to: create healthier families and communities, ensure the profitability of small businesses and social enterprises, measure the impacts of global philanthropic investments, create the conditions of the employment of thousands of human beings, build a global center on disability in the U.S., develop a full spectrum community health care system in East Africa, ensure educational and professional opportunities for people with disabilities, modernize a wheelchair factory in Vietnam, further the careers of women in finance, fight human trafficking, and support heroic, at-risk activists to create accountability for war crimes around the world.

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Arthur is a fifth generation Californian. After college, he spent three years overseas working at a series of farms, factories, and refugee camps, in which he performed administrative tasks, loaded trucks, counted human beings, and wrote a series of oral histories eventually read by nearly ten people. Arthur maintains a passion for physically demanding activities, having nursed serial habits around football, soccer, and until recently boxing. Now, nose surgically repaired, he rides bikes, backpacks, and reads. If Combs could spend the rest of his life just hanging around and eating (he can’t), he would rotate among Italy, Vietnam, and New Orleans.