Confluence Theory

confluence theory infographic



We exist to drive positive change and create sustainable margins, however defined: profit margins, fundraising margins, impact margins.

Real forces of inefficiency, greed, environmental degradation, and violence are arrayed against peace and productivity. No single sector can solve for all of this. Positive change and durable equity require all sectors working together as closely as possible.

Schaffer&Combs contributes to positive change by operating fluidly at the confluence of business, nonprofits, philanthropies, governments, and international organizations. Our deep belief is this: the right money, organization, and talent must be linked to the right mission, and every initiative must identify and achieve sustainable margins.

Nonprofits make change, but also contribute by challenging us to do better, setting stretch goals, and acting as a sort of conscience. Governments and international organizations can bring to bear massive resources, create linkages at the macro level, and address global strategic and infrastructure issues. But without businesses as active change agents, we’ll never achieve the meaningful change we seek.

We look forward to accelerating our support to visionary businesses and civil society organizations, bringing to bear all of our cross-sector experience and expertise.