S&C Search Process

Talent is as hard to discover, develop, and retain as any product or service.

Schaffer&Combs helps its clients to source, recruit, and on‐board the leaders that take organizations to the next level. There are three things that differentiate us from traditional recruiters.

I. We manage your brand

We take the time to get to know you and your organization, and to understand your culture. Through conversations with multiple members of your team, we learn about what you value and what makes this opportunity interesting. We leverage our passion for your mission to tell a compelling story during the search.

II. We live in your sector

Schaffer&Combs works in the purpose driven field at the deepest possible levels ‐‐ from vision to performance. This allows us to get to know our clients’ organizations and histories intimately and to understand the profile of an ideal candidate. Our staff also hails from many of the roles that you may be recruiting for. We use traditional recruiting channels, but we also reach into our extensive national and international networks, take the time to explore, have long conversations with influencers and connectors. We, and our clients, learn a lot more from this process than merely where the best candidates are.

III. Shared risk pricing

We are confident that we will find the right talent to bring value to your team and to achieve your organization’s goals. If we fall short of our goals, you have built‐in price protection.

Our Process:

  1. Consultation and Process Development: We speak with members of your organization to get to know your culture, your current needs and your story. This helps us craft a compelling job description and tell your story well.
  2. Outreach and Search: Using our network, a few innovative search methods and widespread job postings, we “fill the funnel” with potential candidates.
  3. Candidate Review and Phone Interviews: We assess the qualifications of all applicants and request 1‐2 phone interviews to identify the semi‐finalists who will be invited for in‐person interviews with senior S&C representatives.
  4. In‐Person Interviews: Our staff has interviewed and hired hundreds of executives, and our interview approach is tailored to your organization. Operating with the utmost discretion, S&C gets to know candidates intimately to give the best recommendation to you.
  5. Finalist Selection, Presentation, and Client Interview Management: In consultation with you, S&C will develop a “slate of finalists,” that includes a rubric scoring assessment and a brief profile of each candidate. We will then design an interview schedule that makes sense to you and assist in interview design to ensure a full assessment of finalists.
  6. References and Background Checks: S&C will perform confidential reference checks and develop a comprehensive report for you. We will also conduct background checks as requested.
  7. Offer Construction and Negotiation: S&C provides high value in terms of designing a compensation offer within your organization’s general framework, and will assist you in negotiating as necessary. We can serve as an effective, dispassionate buffer between you and the candidate during this process.
  8. Closure with Other Finalists: We professionally manage the sign‐off and debrief with all non‐selected finalists in a personalized and courteous manner, maintaining your brand.
  9. Follow‐up: We remain on‐call to you and the new hire during the months following the start date to render support in the on-boarding process as necessary. Additional support could include help with a press release announcing the new hire, facilitating a board retreat, review of staff performance management and compensation, or strategic planning as needed.