Ting Ting Eeo

Having worked with organizations in a variety of sectors, from a global tech nonprofit to a Taiwanese e-commerce social enterprise, Ting Ting simply seeks to make the greatest impact on as many organizations as possible, bringing her to Schaffer&Combs.

Growing up with parents born in the rural villages of Malaysia, Ting Ting recognized from an early age the wealth disparities that existed between global communities. Latching onto climate change as her passion issue, Ting Ting attended UNC Chapel Hill for Environmental Studies and Business, fascinated by the global social impact initiatives some corporations were pursuing. During and after college, Ting Ting found herself drawn to the mission-oriented work of nonprofits and social entrepreneurs and gained a deeper understanding of the complexities between private-public sector solutions to social issues. She also gained perspective on the universality of suffering and innovation around the world working on environmental projects in Costa Rica, Germany, the UK, and Taiwan. Though endlessly passionate about environmental sustainability, Ting Ting has pursued work across various social issues that impact the communities around her.

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Practice Areas at S&C

Organizational Design, Executive Search, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Impact Management

Domains of Particular Expertise

Environmental Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Nonprofit Management, Social Entrepreneurship