Pavithra Rao


Pavithra Rao brings expertise across diverse functional areas gained from over six years of for-purpose experience with public agencies, non-profits and private companies in San Francisco Bay Area and India. Passionate about contributing towards social and environmental sustainability, she has spent the majority of her career working for various environmental causes. In her previous role, Pavithra helped organizations build custom sustainability action plans with a focus on the business value. Some of the highlights from her previous roles include implementing communication outreach strategies for a World Bank funded project on sustainable public transport system, promoting anti-poaching awareness through educational programs in the poaching-prone jungles of India, transferring organic culture techniques standardized by R&D to the farming communities to help achieve better productivity, and employing biochemical methodologies to extract antioxidant components from algae to incorporate into packaged food products.

S&C provides an opportunity to expand her horizons in the social sector by collaborating with various local and international purpose driven organizations.

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Practice Areas at S&C

Organizational Design, Board Development & Best Practices, Leadership Development & Talent Management, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Campaign Strategy & Execution, Tactical Planning & Execution, Impact Management

Domains of Particular Expertise

Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Stakeholder Engagement, Project Management, Non-Profit, Outreach, Education and Training


When not at work or on the golf course, Pavithra enjoys hiking, cooking, painting, working out or watching movies, documentaries and stand-up comedy. To become a scratch golfer and hike the PCT trail are on top of her bucket list.