Hannah Totte

Hannah Totte brings a strong foundation in social and biological scientific research to her work at S&C.

Throughout her undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley, Hannah consistently analyzed the ripple effect of changes in molecular, ecological and political systems. Her experience tracking farmers’ experience with climate change in the Peruvian Amazon gave her leverage to investigate and compare distinctions between global agricultural processes. The interplay between systems of inequality and natural resource management drives her curiosity, and pushes her to pursue opportunities to actively solve complex problems.

Always looking for new connections across the fields she feels most passionate about, she believes strongly in tracking organizations’ efforts and impact accurately to identify gaps where opportunities for change exist. Schaffer&Combs faces challenges with humility, positivity, focus and diligence in an approach she aligns strongly with.

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Practice Areas at S&C

Organizational Design, Leadership Development & Talent Management, Strategic Planning, Resource Development, Tactical Planning & Execution, Impact Management

Domains of Particular Expertise

Environmental Justice, Social Entrepreneurship, Research, Ecology


Hannah takes every opportunity she can get to explore the Sierras and the coast, loves soccer and running, and hopes to experiment with surfing soon. When not outdoors, she can be found listening to live music.