Emma Sheldon

Emma comes to Schaffer&Combs with diverse technical, strategic and international experience. She earned her B.S. in human development at Cornell University, followed by her M.S. in global health and population at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Her scientific areas of expertise are quantitative research methods, psychosocial health, and maternal and child health, focused on developing countries. Her passion is for working with direct service organizations to bring the best of her scientific, purpose-driven background to management consulting. Prior to joining S&C, she consulted for diverse clients in health and human services, including nonprofits, social enterprises, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. At S&C, Emma continues to work with organizations that serve vulnerable populations in San Francisco and around the world.

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Practice Areas at S&C

Research; Strategic Planning; Organizational Design; Executive Search; Program Evaluation.

Areas of Particular Expertise

Public Health; Global Health; Quantitative Analysis; Epidemiology; Biostatistics; Impact Evaluation; Health Policy; Research Design; Maternal and Child Health; Infectious Diseases.


Emma is a lifelong expat: half American and half English, she was born and raised in Singapore. She is passionate about traveling, food and fitness, and sharing those activities with her loved ones. She is a licensed USA Boxing Amateur Fighter.