Emma Sheldon

Emma Sheldon comes to S&C with diverse technical, strategic and international experience. Emma started her career in public health while studying human development at Cornell University. She then pursued an MS in global health and population at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, where she focused on conducting quantitative research studies in developing countries. In step with her technical experience, Emma has aimed to bring scientific findings and best practices to her prior consulting work in healthcare delivery, health education and pharmaceutical research. Her industry areas of expertise include epidemiology, biostatistics, maternal and child health, and psychosocial development.

At S&C, Emma incorporates the best of her technical knowledge with smart strategy and management services. Our team embodies the multidisciplinary expertise and evidence-based focus that, in her view, are essential to creating social impact.

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Practice Areas at S&C

Organizational Design, Board Development & Best Practices, Leadership Development & Talent Management, Strategic Planning, Tactical Planning & Execution, Impact Management

Areas of Particular Expertise

Early Childhood Development, Maternal and Child Health, Quantitative Research, Program Development, Impact Evaluation, Intervention Design


Emma is a lifelong expat: half American and half English, she was born and raised in Singapore. Her greatest loves are travel, food and fitness — watch out for her debut amateur boxing match in 2017!