Elizabeth Gray

Elizabeth began her career at an interactive agency in Washington D.C., where she worked on a variety of projects across a spectrum of clients including nonprofits and mission-driven organizations such as the Ms. Foundation for Women and the American Foundation for the Blind. She managed projects in areas such as website development, marketing campaign execution, accessibility assessment, market research, focus groups, and app creation, as well as focusing on team support and productive communication. Elizabeth then moved to a relationship marketing agency where she worked in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector.

Shifting gears, Elizabeth moved out to the west coast and interned at a nonprofit consulting firm with the goal of helping mission-driven organizations. Here she developed a skill set comprised of analytical research, strategic planning, and client management, as well as a variety of experience with local nonprofits.

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Practice Areas at S&C

Elizabeth is involved with projects that focus on strategic and tactical planning; impact identification and measurement; program management best practices; organizational design and executive recruitment; management support and executive coaching.

Areas of Particular Expertise

She specializes in strategic planning and implementation, marketing and advertising, project scoping and financial analysis, content creation and optimization, and overall project and client management.


Growing up enduring Boston winters, Elizabeth is thoroughly enjoying the California weather and exploring the city of San Francisco. She has taken full advantage of what it has to offer including it’s scenic hikes, restaurants, music, and nearby attractions such as Big Sur and Tahoe.