Aaron Wong

Aaron Wong brigs rich experience in human-centered design and innovation strategy to S&C.

Aaron has a background in architectural interior design where he has developed experiences around user needs in corporate, retail, hospitality, residential and restaurant settings. Aaron has also done work in service design, user research, and business and operational strategy through projects with government clients, not-for-profit clients and social enterprises. Currently, he is finishing his MBA at California College of the Arts’s Master in Design Strategy, with an expected graduation date of May 2018.

Aaron is deeply passionate about human-centered design, enriching experiences, and social innovation. He believes that thoughtful and deliberate strategy can create systemic impact at any level.

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Practice Areas at S&C

Organizational Design, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Campaign Strategy & Execution, Tactical Planning & Execution, Impact Management, Performance Management

Domains of Particular Expertise

Early Childhood and Higher Education, Community Organization, Startups and Design.


Aaron loves time at home sipping coffee and eating sweets with his lovely and demanding cat by his side. On weekends, you’ll find him cooking for friends, baking or reading a book.